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Robert A Johnson and Chuck Harrison


What should we really think about nuclear weapons? Has the music industry gone one step too far? Should we farm free-range humans?!

Whilst you can’t always answer the big – or small – questions in society, critically examining them allows you to better inform your opinions. Herein lies a plethora of critical thinking exercises to challenge your assumptions on a whole manner of things you almost certainly already have an opinion on.

These beautifully illustrated critical thinking articles will take your thinking so far out of the box, you’ll forget there even is one. 

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Robert Johnson

Chuck Harrison

“Most of us spend most of our lives blissfully ignorant of how flimsy the assumptions that undergird our reality are.  Thinkonomics takes many of the questions we skate over and explores them carefully but with humour and compassion. This book is a collection of thought provoking essays, but more than that it is a collection of conversation starters on subjects that could otherwise seem too controversial or complicated to approach.”
Rebecca Foxauthor of Murmurs of Doubt and How to be Reasonable.

ISBN: 978-1-910780-66-4

Released: 20/03/2018

Price: £7.99