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Delving into the power of the mind with SWAT Officer, Tactics Instructor and Author, Mike Malpass

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Interview with Mike Malpass

Star Worldwide, april 2019

Article by Rebecca Nesbit

Biology Fortified, Oct 2017

GM Camelina can Provide Omega-3s for Fish

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Op-Ed Piece by Rebecca Nesbit

Female First, Oct 2017

10 Things You Never Knew About GM Foods

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Op-Ed Piece by Rebecca Nesbit

Scientific American, Sep 2017

The Future of GMO Food

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Op-Ed Piece by Rebecca Nesbit

The Biologist, Sep 2017

It's Time for Rational Regulation

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Interview with Rebecca Nesbit

Popular Science, Jul 2017

Four Way Interview

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Recommendation for Murmurs of Doubt

Book Shambles podcast, June 2017

Summer Reading Special

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Interview with Rebecca Fox

Everybody's Agnostic podcast, July 2017

Episode 160 - Rebecca Fox

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Interview with Rebecca Fox

Geeks Without God, May 2017

Episode 255 - Murmurs of Doubt

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Account of Rebecca Fox's Talk

Laydeez Do Comics, May 2015

Laydeez Do Comics: Monday 18 May 2015, London

Rebecca Fox was the first speaker and she opened her inspirational talk at Laydeez with advice from Ira Glass...

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Feature on Rebecca Fox

Women Write about Comics, September 2015

The Concept of Epiphanies: Rebecca Fox in Profile

Up-and-coming graphic novelist Rebecca Fox’s work is defined by strong lines and piercing philosophical questions. A talented artist and storyteller...

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Interview with Matthew O’Neil

American Freethought, August 2016

What Happens After Life?

"Matthew O’Neil, author of ‘After Life: Solving Science and Religion’s Great Disagreement’, talks about his new book and what happens to us After Life…"

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Article by Matthew O’Neil

Patheos, July 2016

Personal Experience Doesn’t Prove An Afterlife…

"Washington Post recently published an article about the common shared experiences of people who have gone through NDEs, or Near Death Experiences. What is most telling about these is not what is made real about the afterlife, but instead what our brain is experiencing as it is switching back on…"

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Interview with Matthew O’Neil

The David Packman Show, May 2016

If There WAS An Afterlife, What Would It Mean?

"Matthew O’Neil, activist, Biblical Studies Ph.D. student, certified Humanist chaplain and author of After Life, joins Davis to discuss the moral…"

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Interview with Mark D. White

APA, May 2016

A Philosopher Watches… Captain America: Civil War

"The superhero film Captain America: Civil War was released in the US last weekend, grossing $181.8 million and ranking it the fifth largest film opening of all time in the US. APA member Mark D. White, author of A Philosopher Reads…Marvel Comics’ Civil War: Exploring the Moral Judgment of Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, talked to us about philosophical themes in the film..."

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Interview with Mark D. White

Pacific Standard, May 2016

The Post-9/11 Ethics Of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

"Marvel’s Civil War comic series was an allegory for a traumatized moment in American history. Professor Mark D. White explains why its focus on liberty and security still feels so urgent…"

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Review of APR...Marvel Comics Civil War

Winnipeg Free Press, May 2016

Civil Discourse, Comic-Book Series Says Plenty On Liberty, Security And Morals

"When a senseless attack results in devastating loss of life in an American city, the U.S. government ushers in sweeping legislation clamping down on civil liberties, targeting in particular a minority population and subjecting many of its members to arbitrary arrest and indefinite detention in a specially-built prison…"

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Review of God's Gravediggers

John Loftus, May 2016

Raymond D. Bradley’s Book God’s Gravediggers Is Fantastic

"Raymond D. Bradley’s book “God’s Gravediggers: Why No Deity Exists”, is a fantastic philosophical work showing what many of us already knew, that there is about a zero chance for any deity’s existence…"

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Article by Mark D. White

Psychology Today, May 2016

What Can We Learn From Watching A Superhero Civil War?

"As moviegoers flock to see Captain America: Civil War, the latest entry in the wildly successful Marvel Comics film franchise, some of the themes may seem familiar…"

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Interview with Mark D. White

NerdSync, April 2016

The Philosophy Of Marvel’s CIVIL WAR With Mark D. White

“…we’re diving into the philosophy of Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man with the Comics Professor himself Mark D. White about his latest book, A Philosopher Reads Marvel Comics’ Civil War: Exploring the Moral Judgment of Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man...”

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Article by Mark D. White

The Guardian, April 2016

Captain America: Civil War – Conflicted Heroes And A Clash Of Philosophies

"Iron Man thinks like John Stuart Mill, while Captain America is a Kantian – but the real insight comes from the fact that each sees the other side’s argument…"

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Interview with Raymond Bradley

RadioLIVE NZ, February 2016

A Life In Atheism

"His comprehensive review of religious ideas, God’s Gravediggers, was published February 2016. Former head of Philosophy at Auckland University, Ray regales his trials, debates and assertions about religion, especially Christianity..."

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Article By Raymond Bradley

The Spinoff, NZ, February 2016

The Monday Extract: What Happens To Us When We Die?

"In which philosopher Raymond Bradley ponders whether any part of us survives in any meaningful way when we’re dead…"

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Article on Raymond Bradley

Local Matters, NZ, February 2016

Omaha Philosopher Digs Grave For Deities In New Book

"Retired philosophy professor Raymond Bradley has launched a new book, laying out his journey from an ardent Christian to vocal atheist…"

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Debate between Raymond Bradley and William Lane Craig


Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?

Widely regarded as Christianity’s most formidable and successful debater, William Lane Craig took on our author Ray Bradley in 1994.

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