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Taming The Serpent

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Taming the Serpent: How Neuroscience can Revolutionise Modern Law Enforcement Training

Michael G. Malpass

Law enforcement has been increasingly under fire in the media for what we believe is unnecessary police violence. But few have suggestions as to what we can do about it.

There is a noticeable gap between the way officers are trained and how the brain processes information in the stressful and risky situations which police work. Training arguably no longer prepares our officers for how to effectively deal with these situations.

But with advancements in neuroscience we could finally have the answer. We can guide modern training for better decision-making and performance under life-threatening stress and pressure – for the good of police officers and the public.

Taming the Serpent brings the research about neuroscience and law enforcement together, showing how we can revolutionise modern law enforcement.

Michael G. Malpass has been in law enforcement for over twenty-four years as a beat cop, a tactical training officer and a SWAT officer. He is currently an advanced training officer, teaching defensive tactics. He developed many training programs over his career before penning Taming the Serpent.


ISBN: 9781912701346

Released: 22/04/2019

Price: $11.99